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Those Who Walk In The Dark Don’t Know Where They’re Going

John 12:35

Yeshua answered the crowd, “The light will still be with you for a little while. Walk while you have light so that darkness won’t defeat you. Those who walk in the dark don’t know where they’re going.

The Man Whose Name is the Branch Yahushua

Yahushua is great, He is among you

Isaiah 12
A Hymn of Praise from the Lord’s People in His Kingdom
12 At that time you will say,
“I will praise you, O Yahweh.     Although you had been angry with me,     you turned your anger away from me, and you comforted me.

2 Look! El is my Savior.     I am confident and unafraid,     because Yah is my strength and my song.     He is my Savior.”

3 With joy you will draw water from the springs of salvation.

4 At that time you will say,
“Praise Yahweh.     Call on his name.     Make his deeds known among the nations.     Make them remember that his name is highly honored.

5 Make music to praise Yahweh.     He has done wonderful things.         Let this be known throughout the earth.

6 Shout loudly, and sing with joy, people of Zion!
    Qedosh Yisrael is great. He is among you.”