Prayers, inspirations and comfort promises from God the father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit supplying grace to live out a meaningful life on Earth

Jesus gives comfort promising to weary and people carrying heavy burden to come to him and Jesus will give us rest. Meager existence does not make life meaningful, only through the Holy Bible, seeking of God and Jesus who is the way and the light to the father does a happier life come to be possible.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The difference between law and grace

Law demands; grace bestows. Law commands, but gives no strength to obey; grace promises, and performs, does all we need to do. 

Law burdens, and casts down and condemns; grace comforts, and makes strong and glad. Law appeals to self, to do its utmost; grace points to Christ to do all. 

Law calls to effort and strain, and urges us towards a goal we never can reach; grace works in us all God’s blessed will. Instead of striving against failure, fully to accept of it, and the lesson of weakness, as God had been seeking to teach it, and, with this confession, sink down before God in utter helplessness. 

There would be no place where we would learn that, unless grace gave us deliverance and strength. We never could do better than we had done, and that grace would indeed work all of us who believe. We must come out from under law and self, and take his place under grace, allowing God to do His will.