Prayers, inspirations and comfort promises from God the father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit supplying grace to live out a meaningful life on Earth

Jesus gives comfort promising to weary and people carrying heavy burden to come to him and Jesus will give us rest. Meager existence does not make life meaningful, only through the Holy Bible, seeking of God and Jesus who is the way and the light to the father does a happier life come to be possible.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Spiritual Power

by F H Mira Flickr
For selfishness in any and every form is dissipation, weakness, death; unselfishness in its spiritual aspect is conservation, power, life. As you grow in spiritual life, and become established upon principles, you will become as beautiful and as unchangeable as those principles, will taste of the sweetness of their immortal essence, and will realize the eternal and indestructible nature of the God within.

    No harmful shaft can reach the righteous man,

       Standing erect amid the storms of hate,

     Defying hurt and injury and ban,

       Surrounded by the trembling slaves of Fate.
    Majestic in the strength of silent power,

       Serene he stands, nor changes not nor turns;

     Patient and firm in suffering's darkest hour,

       Time bends to him, and death and doom he spurns.
    Wrath's lurid lightning’s round about him play,

       And hell's deep thunders roll about his head;

     Yet heeds he not, for him they cannot slay

       Who stands whence earth and time and space are fled.
    Sheltered by deathless love, what fear hath he?

       Armored in changeless Truth, what can he know

     Of loss and gain? Knowing eternity,

       He moves not whilst the shadows come and go.

    Call him immortal, call him Truth and Light

       And splendor of prophetic majesty

     Who bideth thus amid the powers of night,

       Clothed with the glory of divinity.