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Jesus gives comfort promising to weary and people carrying heavy burden to come to him and Jesus will give us rest. Meager existence does not make life meaningful, only through the Holy Bible, seeking of God and Jesus who is the way and the light to the father does a happier life come to be possible.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Spiritual Dryness

Spiritual Dryness

As God’s only desire is to give Himself to the loving soul who desires to seek Him, He often hides Himself in order to arouse it, and compel it to seek Him with love and fidelity. But how does He reward the faithfulness of His beloved! And how are His apparent flights followed by loving caresses!

The soul imagines that it is a proof of its fidelity and of its increased love that it seeks God with an effort, or that at least such seeking will soon lead to His return.

But no! This is not the way in this degree. With a loving impatience, with deep humility and abasement, with an affection deep and yet restful, with a respectful silence, you must await the return of your Beloved.

You will thus show Him that it is Himself alone that you love, and His good pleasure, and not the pleasure that you find in loving Him. Therefore it is said, “Make not haste in time of trouble. Cleave unto Him, and depart not away, that you may be increased at thy last end” (Ecclus. ii. 2, 3). Suffer the suspensions and the delays of the visible consolations of God.

Be patient in prayer, even though you should do nothing all your life but wait in patience, with a heart humbled, abandoned, resigned, and content for the return of your Beloved. Oh, excellent prayer! How it moves the heart of God, and obliges Him to return more than anything else!